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Polly Ely: Staying Attached with Tech All Around

The evening of Tuesday, January 23, Polly Ely gave an on-campus talk called “The House that Tech Built: Staying Attached with Tech All Around.” These are notes from that presentation, which focused on how to engage your child positively around her/his tech habits. You can read more about Polly Ely here: Self-determination theory (competence, [Continue]

MCDS Participates in Hour of Code

For many years now, MCDS students have participated in Hour of Code, where students around the world practice coding during the first full week of December. This helps raise global awareness around the importance of learning to code in grade school. This week, all our 2nd-5th graders watched this 2-minute video: …and then chose coding [Continue]

Common Sense Media Tech Forum 10/12/17

For our third consecutive year, MCDS hosted a panel of sixteen 8th graders from participating Marin schools, who answered questions about their digital lives in front of a parent audience. Notes are below–some thoughtful, balanced answers that we hope are indicative of the work we’re doing with students around digital citizenship. Most notes are written [Continue]

6th Grade Data re: mobile devices and tech challenges

As you may recall, 6th grade Tech/SEL content focuses on pros and cons of having/not having a mobile device. On September 27, we continued that conversation by polling two groups of MCDS 6th graders, each group containing 21 students. The results are presented in the PDF below. Headlines include: Overall, approximately 38% report already having their own smart phones [Continue]

7th Grade SEL summary – Sept 15

The focus for the tech portion of 7th grade SEL shifts from cell phones to the broader, more abstract concept of the media. Like in our first 6th grade session, we started with the questions “What makes technology tricky?” and  “What makes it different from other things in our lives?” We also looked at some of [Continue]

6th Grade SEL Class Summary – Sept 13

Today we had introductions from the full SEL teaching team: Darlene, Nell, Señora Ellsworth-Yow, and Christopher. We explored questions like What makes technology tricky? and What makes it different from everything else in our lives, that we would need to have major rules, guidelines, expectations, and conversations around it? We talked about how our screens [Continue]